Saxophone Lessons & Workshops: 

I teach saxophone lessons in San Diego and throughout southern California. I'm available to teach in person and over video chat.

Teaching since 2009, I have worked with students who are looking to enjoy learning about music as well as those who are preparing for important auditions and performances. I emphasize sound, expression, and technique. Students of all ages, levels, and musical interests are welcome. I have worked with students age 9-73. Students of all ages, levels, and musical interests are welcome!

Contact me anytime at for availability and rates.

Improvisation, Composition, Ensemble Coaching, Flute, and Clarinet Instruction Also Available

Student Testimonials: 

"Learning under Ian was a fantastic experience... I had an incredible time in my sessions and would recommend his services to anyone."

"Ian was prompt, attentive and just a real pleasure to work with. I'm totally new to the instrument - and he was patient - started from the very beginning - and even gave me a song to practice at the end (which is how you stay interested). He clearly knows his stuff. How do I know? - Here's what happened - He taught me the first notes, and all was going well - he gave me praise - but when we got to "G" it was off. He worked with me on technique and said - "wait - something's off, may I see your instrument?" Handing it over - he worked the keys (I got it from craigslist) and ultimately ended up putting his neck on it. Played it - and although it sounded much better - was still off. He scratches head, then instinctively shook it a few times - and the cleaning cloth comes tumbling out of the bell! "Well - there's your problem!" We laughed and went right back into it. Two thumbs up and five stars for this guy."

"Ian knows how to approach teaching me at my level, he understands where my skill level is and how to help me improve. Makes the lessons interesting and helps create motivation for the music and skills I want to work on."

"Ian is very kind and patient, he is good with everyone from beginner to advanced students."

"Very professional and caring. Generous with the time and paying attention to the necessities of the student."